What, and Why we do what we do

What, and Why we do what we do

We started this business a while ago now.  Primarily as a machine shop.


We like creating things out of raw hunks of metal.  It’s a unique job, that not everyone has the ability to do.  We saw cut, mill, turn, weld metal into shapes that solve a customers requirements.  Figuring out how to manufacture some parts can be extremely rewarding.  Sometimes the answer is straight forward. Other times it’s hidden, and the answer only reveals itself as you start removing metal.

We’ve added CAD capabilities, as customers come to us with concepts, and we can help them develop these concepts.  Get the idea from a concept sketch on a napkin, into the computer so that they can better understand what they want to make.

Also, we’ve added 3D Printing capabilities to bring that design off of the computer screen and into the customers hands, where they can get a better feel for the part they want to make.  Most times seeing a model on the computer screen is OK, but you never really get a true idea of the scale of the part.  3D printing is a relatively fast and inexpensive way to realise a design before committing parts to metal.  We use it for our own designs as well.  Quick and simple and can be done in a wide variety of materials and colors.  I enjoy this as the technology is not limited to mechanical parts so much as machining, but can also be used to make more artistic models.


Our hearts are in carving pieces of metal on our Haas CNC mill, or spinning pieces of round bar into precise shafts on our Okuma Lathe, carefully tickling precise fits on our Graziano manual lathe.  But we are much more then that.  Bring us your sketches and ideas. We’ll work with you to bring your concept to a reality at a reasonable cost. Modelling in Autodesk’s Fusion 360, we can bring your paper drawings and ideas to life.

Get in touch with us at coast.precision.cnc@gmail.com