About us

Who We Are

Founded in 2005 by brothers in law, James Wilton and Bernie Koestlmaier, over a discussion over dinner. James is a maker through and through, with a mechanical background. Bernie is a third-generation metalworker who started his machinist apprenticeship straight outta high school in the summer of 1992.

Bernie’s training was in a large job shop working machines big enough to spin a car on, making parts for Space Shuttles, Tunnel Borers, large scale precision plotters and satellite imaging equipment. Later he moved to work on smaller components with a higher precision and complexity. Now he brings his 25 years of manufacturing experience to serve your machining requirements.

James has been a maker since he was a child. Routinely taking things apart to discover how they work, and putting them back together again. This led him to study engineering in Nevada. When he returned to Canada, he went to study Avionics at BCIT, where he honed his assembly and electric chops. Need some trouble shooting with a mechanical whosimawhatsit? James will meticulously go through it, take it apart clean it, analyse it, repair any deficiencies, and put everything back together and test it. This meticulous attention to detail carries over well in to machining. He is also well versed in fabrication welding, and fitting.

We are a small shop, and when you enquire with us, we are the guys making your parts, so the information you give us is on the shop floor. Any concerns you express regarding the manufacturing processes is going straight to the people making your parts.

We pride ourselves on what goes out the door. On Time! On Budget! And to specification!