High Efficiency Milling, is it for every job?

So, I’ve been a delinquent, and not posted anything for a while, but I think something has come up in the shop that is worthy of writing about. We have a recurring job in the shop that is extremely dependent on metal removal rate(MRR, or cubes. It’s all about the cubes).  So what machining strategies.

Customer Satisfaction

Well, I’ve been a delinquent on here for a while now.  It was getting to the point where I was feeling like I was repeating myself, and it was getting redundant. Didn’t I just say that? Any way, I’ve recently had the opportunity to drop off some finished goods, and first off’s with customers, and.

New 3D Print Materials in House!

Well, we’ve been working on a project test materials for light transmission, so we’ve had to bring in some new materials.  In addition to clear generic PETG, we’ve brought in clear PLA(, ABS(, PLAdium(In-PLA from Taulman 3D), XT(Colorfab), Natural HiPS(VoxelFactory).  Yes some, are duplicates, but some filament manufactures have different formulas for materials in the.

What, and Why we do what we do

We started this business a while ago now.  Primarily as a machine shop. The WHAT We like creating things out of raw hunks of metal.  It’s a unique job, that not everyone has the ability to do.  We saw cut, mill, turn, weld metal into shapes that solve a customers requirements.  Figuring out how to.

Coast Precision CNC’s Core Capabillities

One of the most asked questions we get when people ask what we do is, “What is it that you do?” Let me tell you, we machine, we design, we fabricate, and we 3D print.  We bring peoples concepts to reality for them.  Whether they are industrial customers, or inventors, or artists, we bring their.