Coast Precision CNC Limited has CNC milling and turning capabilities from one offs to large production runs.

Do you have a sketch you made on the back of a napkin, and you want to realise that design? At CPCNC, we have design capabilities to get your ideas to concept. We can design, 3D print, revise the design all before you commit to machining your parts, saving you money in expensive revisions along the way. In one use case, we 3D Printed a customer’s design so he could test fit it. He assembled the part, and discovered that he missed a clearance detail. He could add it with a sharp knife. Then he modified his CAD file for the production order. This process saved him shipping costs back and forth from Ontario, stripping and re-anodising costs, and re-machining costs for the modifications.

For fabrication projects, we have tackled everything from commercial display frames to aerospace tooling.

Machining projects have included everything from go-nogo gages, to dermatological laser components, electric guitar bodies, electrical enclosures, 3D Printer components, components for particle accelerators and associated targetry. Other projects include pharmaceutical dispensing equipment and Screw driver packing machines.