New 3D Print Materials in House!

Well, we’ve been working on a project test materials for light transmission, so we’ve had to bring in some new materials.  In addition to clear generic PETG, we’ve brought in clear PLA(, ABS(, PLAdium(In-PLA from Taulman 3D), XT(Colorfab), Natural HiPS(VoxelFactory).  Yes some, are duplicates, but some filament manufactures have different formulas for materials in the.

What, and Why we do what we do

We started this business a while ago now.  Primarily as a machine shop. The WHAT We like creating things out of raw hunks of metal.  It’s a unique job, that not everyone has the ability to do.  We saw cut, mill, turn, weld metal into shapes that solve a customers requirements.  Figuring out how to.