Coast Precision CNC’s Core Capabillities

Coast Precision CNC’s Core Capabillities

One of the most asked questions we get when people ask what we do is, “What is it that you do?”

Let me tell you, we machine, we design, we fabricate, and we 3D print.  We bring peoples concepts to reality for them.  Whether they are industrial customers, or inventors, or artists, we bring their ideas to life.

Machining is at the heart of what we do.  We essentially cut metal and other materials with the use of cutting tools that are made from materials that are harder than the material we are cutting.  These tools are generally made from other metals, or they can be made from compounds compromising of other elements that are far harder than metals.  Even Diamonds can be used to cut metal!  At Coast Precision CNC Ltd. we have capabilities to Mill and Turn material to customer specifications.  With those processes also comes the ability to Drill, Tap, Ream, and Bore.  We have Computer Numerical Controlled(CNC) machines that automate much of the machining process, allowing us to make copies of parts with great repeatability.

A common misconception in regards to CNC Machining is that they parts will be accurate.  Just because a part is machined on a CNC machine does not ensure that it is precise.  There is a lot of knowledge involved in machining, and that still needs to be translated to the machine via work instructions called G-Code or via a conversational type programming language.  The Programmed in a sense drives the machine around the part.  If that programmer has never had the experience working at the machine, they may not have the knowledge of how the material will work when material is removed.  There are stresses in the material before cutting, and cutting some material away will let those stresses go.  When you release the part from the work holding apparatus, the part may relax, and some dimensions may not be to specification any more.  This is just an example of what can happen when inexperienced people are involved with manufacturing processes.

For CNC equipment, we have both a Lathe(Turning) and a Mill.  So we can offer a complete machining solution to our customers.  We all so offer manual milling and turning capabilities as well as Surface grinding as well.

Do you have a part of tool that requires welding or fabricating?  We can do that too. With experience manufacturing tools for aerospace components, we have worked with some of the most experienced manufacturing engineers in the industry, and delivered quality tools, that are currently being used to make aircraft parts for multiple manufactureres.

In addition to offering machining services we also have CAD capabilities.  So if you have a concept or idea, we can help you get it to a format where you can have it manufactured, or sent off for analysis by an engineer or used to obtain a patent.

A great complement to our design services is our 3D Printer.  If you are having trouble picturing your design’s scale on a computer screen, we can print out your design cost effectively for you to hold in your hand and have a look at and see if you would like to make any changes before committing to metal, or molds, or other manufacturing processes. We’ve found this to be an extremely useful tool when developing products, and we have introduced the use of this technology to a few of our customers.  In the short term this appears to maybe costing us potential machining work, but what it does gain us is repeat customers because we have them coming back as we’ve provided them a great cost effective solution for their product development.

So if you’ve taken the time to read this blog, you now have a better understanding of what we do here at Coast Precision CNC Ltd.

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